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OGAWA Ez-Trim Slimming Massage Belt

OGAWA exclusively introduce the first slimming belt Ez-Trim which comes with the Alternative AirPres Corset where airbag is created to shape the muscle immediately to achieve toning effect. The Oscillation Motion Vibration is invented to break down the fat globules into smaller particles where the existence of heat ensures detoxification during the workout process. The benefits are:-

  • Alleviate dropsy and digestive problems.
  • Helps promote easy excretion to achieve weight-loss.
  • Promotes blood circulation and hence improve metabolism.
  • Widest workout circumference.
  • Provide comfort and warmth to relieve pain includes menstrual cramp.

OGAWA EzThrive – Shake off your fats! Show off your figure!

OGAWA EzThrive is an innovative machine that utilizes powerful 3D vibration and oscillation to penetrate deep into body muscles and fat tissues to burn and shake off stubborn fats effectively!

Displaying 1 - 5 of 13 products